About SuperPixel

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The affordable web design & strategic marketing team in Indianapolis

SuperPixel is a team of skilled people helping small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals with websites, graphics, social media, writing, and more. Together, we’re an online strategy company. And we’re doing it at unbeatable prices. You’ll soon find time, savings, and ideas you didn’t know you could have always had.

Everyone here at SuperPixel works for the benefit of small nonprofits, businesses,  and associations without marketing departments or big budgets. We help people like you when no one else can or will, by providing affordable design and marketing work.

When we say affordable, we mean it. Our pricing structure requires no large up-front costs and no sudden, unexpected costs later.

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The SuperPixel Team


Justin Harter

An entrepreneur, writer, educator, and social organizer, Justin started a successful web development business before he was old enough to drive. By 21, he was managing the Indiana Supreme Court’s complex website.

Justin helps clients optimize their online presence, has taught web design to students at the high school and college level, and has channeled central Indiana’s youthful tech community’s resources into community service, first through social organizations, and later through an annual web conference hosting hundreds of attendees.

An avid writer and bicyclist, Justin is also working on a slew of new projects and endeavors with SuperPixel.

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Alex Felder

Alex Felder is an upcoming senior at Indiana University studying Computer Information Technology. With a focus on design, Alex also excels at site development. Spending the next year at SuperPixel, Alex is working to gain experience and patience as he’s forced to listen to Justin’s never-ending loop of Aerosmith music in the office.

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